ISLAMABAD - As the novel coronavirus tightens its grip all across the world including Pakistan, street vendors were witnessed selling face masks made up of cloth and plastic-coated bags alongside roads at cheap prices in twin cities. According to a private news channel, these sellers in small markets and alongside roads are doing brisk business these days with offering variety of protective face masks to their passerby customers so to save them from the effects of corona pandemic. According to commuters, roadside vendors are selling out cheap face masks as compared to the ones available in super stores in response to their rising demand for protection against the deadly coronavirus. Roadside kiosk vendors are happy with the rising demand as they are doing brisk business, said a vendor while talking to this scribe. “When we are on the road and see the face mask vendors, we stop there and buy it,” said a customer while purchasing cloth mask for his child. All the employees working in offices have been ordered to follow strict measures and wear face masks and gloves, said another buyer. Surgical masks were mostly not available at majority of medical stores so we prefer to buy these cloth masks which are affordable and easy to carry specially for our kids, said another family.

Amid the Coronavirus fear, the use of masks increased and traders started selling masks at a higher rate but roadside vendors providing an opportunity to motorists with inexpensive face masks to protect themselves from the disease, said a citizen.