ISLAMABAD (APP) - World Antismoking day is observed throughout the world on May 31, 2008 each year. This day provides us the opportunity to highlight and re-emphasize the injurious effects of smoking on human health. This day would be observed in AFIC/NIHC on 31st May 2008 with a renewed pledge to take this message to patients suffering from heart disease and general public and convince them to quit smoking. Smoking beyond any doubt causes many diseases and aliments. Smoking causes heart attack, cancer of lungs, cancer of oral cavity, cancer of esophagus, cancer of sound box (Larynx), and lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and emphsema. Smoking is also an important risk factor for stroke. Smoking exerts both acute and long tern hazardous effects. Nicotine is the most toxic of all tobacco components. Smoking has adverse effects on blood pressure, increase sympathetic tone and heart rate. It decreases oxygen supply to the heart and enhances the process of atherosclerosis which causes narrowing of body vessels including heart  arteries.This adverse effects of smoking are related to the amount of tobacco smoked daily and to the duration smoking. The bad effect is present in both men and women, and may be even stronger in women. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease three times as compared to a non smokers. It greatly increases the danger to have heart attack when other  risk factors like Hypertension or Diabetes Mellitus are also present  in an individual. Smoking increases blood  pressure, decreases tolerance for physical activity and increases the tendency for blood to clot.