GEORGE Clooney may have just returned to his longstanding single status: the Academy Award winner reportedly has split with his girlfriend of nearly a year. Many a female admirer (and male) sighed sadly when George Clooney's relationship with former cocktail waitress Sarah Larson appeared to be the serious kind.  When Clooney showed up at the 77th Academy Awards hand in hand with Larson, the very first girlfriend he ever brought to the ceremony, it seemed possible that he would break other enduring habits as well. Such as bachelorship and lack of babies. While we have been waiting to hear wedding bells though, reports have surfaced that Clooney and Larson have separated after a year of dating. People magazine reports a source revealed the two were no longer a couple. The actor's representative, Stan Rosenfield, would only remark, "We do not comment on George's personal life." In Touch Weekly elicited even more details from its source, "a friend of Sarah's," who revealed the 29-year-old one time "Fear Factor" contestant had removed her belongings from Clooney's Los Angeles home. "An insider" added that the two had been struggling to make their relationship work, as they had few things in common. An additional challenge was Clooney's alleged trouble with being "tied down." Clooney and Larson first met four years ago, while she was waitressing in Las Vegas. It was a year ago though, when the actor went to Las Vegas in June for the premiere of "Ocean's 13," that the love bug bit them. In September, they bravely made their public debut together at the Venice Film Festival, much to the fascination of Clooney's fans. Later that month, they unwillingly made headlines when they were involved in a motorcycle accident. The two were reportedly wearing helmets and suffered reasonably healable injuries. A few days later, they showed up in New York, Larson wobbling on clutches after fracturing her left foot, for the premiere of Clooney's critically acclaimed film "Michael Clayton."  They trod the red carpet again for "Michael Clayton," this time at the Academy Awards. It was the first time Clooney brought a girlfriend to the event and some were already asking if this meant she was "the one." In March, Clooney addressed rumours that he would end his bachelorhood; by saying no wedding was imminent.                                                    - eFluxMedia