RAMZAN CHANDIO AND MUNAWAR ALAM KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Katchi Abadies and Spatial Development, Engineer Mohammad Rafique Advocate, has said that PPP government would introduce low-cost housing schemes to implement its manifesto of "Roti, Kapra and Makan". Provincial minister announced this in an exclusive interview to The Nation here on Thursday during his visit to this newspaper. He said that low-income housing schemes are aimed at resolving the housing problems of this segment of the society. He talked about the regularization of Katchi Abadies, problems facing by his department, lack of resources, disputes other stakeholders of government and ambiguities in local government system. Out of a total of 1,200, the 1,157 Katchi Abadies fall under the administrative control of department under the Katchi Abadi Act 1985. The majority of the abadies have been regularised, he said adding that work is being done to regularise and issue leases to other katchi abadies all over the province. Some katchi abadies are located on the land of railway, irrigation, revenue and other departments of federal and provincial governments, minister said and hoped that disputes would be resolved very soon as corresponding with these departments are under process for the salvation of this lingering issue. Provincial minister admitted that in Karachi and other cities of province, the various Katchi Abadies were established with the blessing of influential land mafia aiming to encroach on the government lands. "There is a dire need to review the Katchi Abadies Act 1985 and adopt legislation, minister said and added PPP government intends to amend the departments Act in order to provide low costing housing facilities to poor population of the province. At present, about five projects have been initiated under the banner of low-cost housing schemes in Larkana, Gharo, Karachi and other areas, minister said and added 80 yards and 120 yards plots had been allotted to the poor. The Katchi Abadies department is being run on self-financing and funds have not been received for any project, which was a major problem in starting the development works while salaries of employees are being paid through amounts received in terms of leases. Rafique said, "Even funds are not provided to department in Annual Development Programme but I have instructed to officials for preparation of specify schemes aiming to get funds under ADP of upcoming fiscal". Answering to a question, the provincial minister said that low-cost housing schemes for poor would be initiated in next fiscal year and various proposals are under consideration. He said that he would study the models of low-cost housing schemes in developing countries like Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore and India to get valuable information in this regard adding the government would implement low-cost schemes according to the country situation. Rafique further said the people do not have faith in Katchi Abadies department as it has bad reputation due to irregularities committed by some officials. He revealed that lot of officers of his department got promotion illegally in the past while violating rules. The minister said that his department would present proposal to Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah for allotment of land from provincial Revenue Department.