LAHORE - In contrast to what happened on last week, the LHCBA failed to ensure complete boycott of courts on Thursday as lawyers kept on appearing before courts despite the fact that 'Boycott implementation committee' made all out efforts by visiting courtrooms to restrain the lawyers from appearing before the PCO-judges. However, a considerable number of lawyers pleaded their cases before the PCO-judges. The lawyers could manage to observe a partial strike on Thursday. Secretary LHCBA Rana Asadullah Khan and head of the committee Ahmad Awais accompanied by a group of young lawyers during their court-to-court visit also had heated arguments with Justice MA Zafar Ch. During the course, Rana Asadullah asked Justice Zafar not to dismiss the cases on non-prosecution as lawyers were on strike on Thursday. First, the judge refused to entertain this request, however, after a heated dialogue with the bar's secretary, he (judge) gave assurance to accommodate the lawyers if they maintained the decorum of the court. The lawyers also visited other courtrooms to ask their colleagues not to plead their cases and observe boycott. Later, the LHCBA displayed names of 11 lawyers who appeared before courts on Thursday in violation of the Pakistan Bar Council's boycott call. Secretary Rana Asadullah has also warned them they might face disciplinary action if they again violate boycott call on next Thursday. He also declared them as violators in his speech delivering at the general house of the bar. The rebel lawyers include Syed Mansoor Bukhari, Rana Ijaz Ahmed Khan, Akbar Cheema, Malik Allah Yar, Syed Alam, Chuadhry Mushtaq Salim, Rai Muhammad Panha Bhatti, Chaudhry Aqeel Wahid, Mrs Roshan Ara, Mrs Shista Qaiser and Rana Muhammad Naz. The similar list was also issued on last Thursday as well. However, the real number of violators was much higher than that. Last week, the bar had displayed the names of 21 members who were found appearing before the PCO-judge despite the call of boycott. On Thursday, the LHCBA had replaced chairman of its Boycott Ensuring Committee Hafiz Abdul Rehman Ansari with Ahmed Awais. It is learnt that Ansari was removed fearing that a clash of lawyers could take place with the law enforcement agencies. Last Thursday, Hafiz had exchanged harsh words with some the LHC judges after they declined to stop the court proceedings. Ansari had warned them last Thursday that he would lock their courts if they kept on working on Thursdays. Ansari hostility towards the PCO-judges was apparent from his address to the LHCBA general house meeting ahead of weekly rally when he brought a lock with him. While waving it in his hand, he said that he had not removed from chairmanship of the committee and he would have locked the courts. On Thursday, heavy contingent of police were deployed inside the Lahore High Court to avert any untoward incident. Some of the judges also held proceedings in their chambers instead of in the open courts.