LAHORE - The Ministry of Water and Power (MoW&P) has received a final legal notice and may enter into litigation with the 740 mw Munda Dam project sponsors if the Ministry fails in immediately withdrawing the project assignment letter to WAPDA. Talking to The Nation, the Ministry sources admitted that the letter No 1(101)PPIB-1007/08/PRI meant to take back the $ 1.2 billion Munda Multipurpose Dam Project(MMDP) from its present sponsors and assigning it to WAPDA. They said that the letter clearly indicated that the govt wanted to implement the idea of private-public partnership without preparing or defining any parameter.The sources said that the concept was being implemented in the absence of any terms, conditions and infrastructure of the public-private partnership. They said that on the part of the govt and its agencies not to take any consent of the present sponsors was illegal, which had created controversy and discussed at a high-level meeting on January 11 this year. The sources said that the development of MMDP which is the right of the sponsors and the govt in no way can hold the sponsors for completing the project and the sponsors were directed to approach NEPRA for tariff negotiations after completing the project feasibility by spending US$ 15.0 million. Answering a query regarding the delay in going for detail engineering design, the sources, however, clearly held the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) responsible for the delay. They said that the delay in the project development was entirely due to dormancy and inaction on the part of PPIB who failed to respond to the requests of the sponsors for 15 months for intimation of the unilateral decisions of the govt so as to enable the sponsors to incorporate such decisions in the detailed engineering design of the project. They said that without incorporation of these determinations, the power tariff was not possible in making formal application to NEPRA. They said that the sponsors of MMDP did not fail in implementation and further development of the project besides deviating from any clause or stipulation of the power policy.  On the other hand, they said that it is PPIB's biased and bureaucratic attitude that precluded the sponsors proceed with project development and in the process caused the sponsors a colossal monitory loss both direct as well as consequential due to unnecessary delay of 15 months. The sources said that the suggestion of raising the dam height was come after the approval of the feasibility report of the project by a panel of experts subject to incorporation of comments of I&P and WAPDA. However, the comments or observations were stated to be incorporated with the reservations that comments could be addressed in the form of an addendum to save time and cost.