LAHORE - Punjab University Book Fair gave rise to a fresh controversy when PML-N MNA Naseer Ahmad Bhutta was not allowed to address the university students. The MNA who was the chief guest on this occasion left the fair when tempers started soaring, dismayed by 'misbehaviour' of the university administration. The university management claimed that the honourable guest tried to do politics which was not allowed by the management. On second day of the book fair at the university, Naseer Ahmad Bhutta was invited by the administration as a chief guest. He was received warmly and the management made him visit all the bookstalls and note his remarks in the book kept there for the guests. When he wanted to address the students, he was stopped by the management. The sound system was switched off and microphone was snatched from some of the staffers. Resultantly he was not allowed to make speech there and was also misbehaved by those staffers, however, the students did not create any tension and the matter was settled down. When contacted, Naseer Ahmed Bhutta said that he was invited by the students and when he reached the university at 5:15 the students received him warmly. He noted his remarks in the visitors' book and when he wanted to address the students, Zahid Kareem, Iftikhar Baloch, Dr Shaukat and others switched off the sound system and pulled his sleeves to beat him. He appreciated the patience of the students who tackled the matter politely and no untoward incident occurred there. Bhutta said, "I will move privilege motion in the National Assembly against the misbehaviour of the university management." He further said that he would also record his protest on certain other platforms including high-ups of the university not give the absolute freedom to staffers of the university. Spokesman of the Punjab University Shabir Sarwar, when contacted, said that Naseer Bhutta was received by the management very warmly and made him visit the whole book fair. When he wanted to make speech he insisted to go with the students of Jamiat but he was asked to go with the management, he said. Shabir further said that Bhutta moved towards the control room along with Jamiat students where already some teachers were already busy in speech. Some of the students tried to snatch the microphone from the teachers and wanted to create tension there. Naseer Bhutta was asked that he would be provided with the chance to make speech but not in the presence of Jamiat students as it was not a political gathering. He said that Naseer Bhutta wanted to do politics and he even threatened the teachers with dire consequences.