LAHORE - PML-N and PPP have decided to mount more political pressure on President Musharraf to quit office rather than bringing impeachment move against him. The coalition, in this regard, has prepared a 22-point chargesheet and also a strategy on which work has been started. This strategy was finalised in the recent meeting of the PML-N and PPP leadership. PPP, with regard to the impeachment motion, showed some reservations maintaining that it was not party policy to allow Musharraf to continue or to support him but certain foreign powers and institutions desired this. PML-N leadership, in reply to this stance made it clear to them that successful working of the government as well as the Assemblies was not possible as long as Musharraf was in power.  They maintained that it was of utmost importance that the real character of the President House should come forward and the conspirers should be turned out of the presidency and this was only possible when Musharraf left the house. According to party sources, the 22-point chargesheet against Musharraf includes charges of damaging national interest, violation of constitutional provisions, disgracing the judiciary, destabilising the institutions, handing over of Pakistanis to other countries influencing the elected institutions, inflicting irreparable losses to the national exchequer, nepotism and disregard of the office of the president of Pakistan.  The sources also say that the ruling coalition is also seeking cooperation of the in house and out of house parties to get rid of Musharraf.