PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer has said that he wants to keep in touch with all the parties including PML-Q. He said that PML-N had been consulted before he was appointed as Governor of the Punjab. "When no objection is raised on a nomination then it is taken as approved," he said. He was speaking in Waqt News TV's programme 'Bar Waqt' on Thursday. The Governor said that the people wanted to see the coalition government working for the solution of the their problems and "My doors are open to all and sundry". He said that he had decided to become inactive in politics after losing the election but he never lost contact with Benazir Bhutto and PPP. He said it was not strange or something unique to sit with a General because he too is the part of the same country. Taseer said he did know whether President Pervez Musharraf was popular among the people of Pakistan or not. "After all President Bush is also unpopular," he added. He said that criticism is an essential part of democracy. It is everybody's right to criticise, however, levying baseless allegations in the name of criticism is not appropriate.