Governor has to be a non-political figure representing the federation and safeguarding the rights of all political parties equally. This is mentioned in the Constitution of Pakistan and observed as a norm in all democracies. Punjab's new governor, on the other hand, vows to strengthen PPP in Lahore and watch President's political interests in the province that is a stronghold of PML(N). Mr Taseer is well known for two things; his dodgy business tactics and disgust for PML(N) leadership. PML (N) also happens to be PPP's coalition partner in center and Punjab. While Mr. Zardari wants the partner to stay aboard in center, he seems intent upon uprooting them from stronghold in Punjab through Taseer. Parting of ways with PML (N) and a secret marriage with the President leaves PPP with two political options; either break off partner's MPs or hug the killers of their leader Benazir. Whatever new course Mr. Zardari adopts after initially going back from the promises made during elections, it seems there is no shift from Musharraf's policies of violating the constitution. Replacing one political agent with another as governor will do no good to the province. -IMRAN HOTIANA, Lahore, via e-mail, May 17.