KARACHI - Several imperative matters and outstanding issues of Pakistan Railways still linger on due to absence of the Federal Railway, The Nation learnt on Thursday. According to the well-placed source, a number of pending issues have been on the table to be solved but due to non-availability the minister concerned, the high-ups of the department are not able to run the affairs of the railway. It must be mentioned here that due to submitting the resignation of railway Minister Sardar Iftikhar Rashidi after the announcement quitting the PPP led government, the railways issues are in limbo. The issues include lifting of ban from new recruitment, resuming the circular railway, restoration of local train sections, restoration of suspended trains, allotments of plots to the employees of Karachi Division in Jumma Goth, renovating of railway hospital in Karachi, providing medical, education and other allowances and to employees, renovation of trains and tracks, increasing the quota of disable parsons and assuring their recruitment and many others were awaiting to approve by the Minister. The sources also disclosed that various ongoing projects had also been delayed due to non-availability and releasing of funds. He added that refurbishment project of the railway trains which were set on fire on 27 December in the aftermath of PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto, had also delayed and complete train service still couldn't be restored. The decisions and initiative on the several matter are still on the pending. He added that staffers in railway were also suffering with huge burden of work as government had put ban on the recruitment in railway and one person is performing job of four persons.