KARACHI - Central President Tehreek-e-Istaqlal Rehmat Kan Wardag has supported the construction of Kalabagh Dam (KBD) and other water reservoirs and warned that if immediate steps were not being taken for constructing water reservoirs, no one can save Pakistan in becoming Somalia and Ethiopia. Speaking at a press conference at the party central office on Thursday, he called upon the labourers and other working classes to understand the gravity of the situation when there is no water for agriculture and domestic use. He asked them to come out on the streets and demonstrate solidarity for the construction of crucial water reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam. He made scathing remarks against Federal Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who stir the hornets' nest by announcing to shelve KBD. "It was an untimely and unnecessary announcement which only revived political controversy when the country is already facing some crucial issues including shortage of wheat and energy," he said. Wardag cast his doubts on the wisdom of the federal minister for such utterances and said that the gentlemen from Potohar, a barren and a hilly region, were not aware of the importance of agriculture water and energy. "The Cabinet of the previous regime had discussed the issue of reservoirs and while laying down the policy of "2016 Water Vision", had decided in principle to construct five water reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam. The construction of the dam could not be put off just by an announcement and if any decision had to be taken, only the federal cabinet is competent enough to take a decision whether to construct or not the project," he maintained. "Pakistan is an agricultural country and huge investment in this sector could solve the problem of unemployment, elimination of poverty, meeting the requirement of food grains. But water is an essential factor for a country like Pakistan where 70 per cent of population is dependent on agriculture and the country badly needs to construct water reservoirs," he said. Wardag said the country, which was in the throes of multiple problems, needed national unity and not such kind of statements as were issued by the federal minister which would create disunity. "This nation needs economic and political stability so that the investors did not feel shy to come and invest." He appealed to the political leaders to realise the gravity of both political and economical conditions of the country and come forward with bold ideas and issues which can help Pakistan in overcoming difficult conditions and move on to prosperity, welfare, peace and tranquillity. He, by appealing to Asif Ali Zardari, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Asfandyar Wali and other politico-religious leaders, said that these leaders should solve the judges' issue in a constitutional and legal manner through parliament. He asked them to pay more attention in solving basic problems such as price-hike and food shortage. Chairman Sindh Chapter Shad Muhammad Khan, Senior Vice Chairman Muhammad Younas advocate and others were also present on the occasion.