KARACHI - Small brokers and investors staged protest at Karachi Stock Exchange over the sharp declining trend that stock market witnessed since the beginning of trading session in the current month on May 2, to May 29, resulting in benchmark KSE-100 index went down by 18.2 per cent to 2,721 points. Protesters chanted slogans against the management of the stock market and demanded to close down the trading activities of the stock market to safe them from more losses. Meanwhile, the management of the stock market had called the rangers to thwart any untoward incidents. Seeing the benchmark index shedding around more than 500 points during the first half session of trading on Tuesday at the stock market, small investors and brokers came out of their offices and started slogans and demanded the management to take up the measures taken by State Bank recently, mainly expected imposition of capital gain tax with the government. They demanded the government to not impose capital gain tax keeping in mind the current precarious situation of the stock market as the countless small investors had lost billions of rupees in last few days. However, as soon as the news of recovery in the Lahore stock market came to the Karachi stock market the protesters scattered and again took their positions. Political uncertainty coupled with imposition of CGT in the coming budget wreaked havoc in the stock market, which led to shatter the confidence of investors, brokers said. They said that huge margin calls in the end of month has compelled the small brokers to stage protest. At the beginning of trading on Thursday the KSE-100 index lost around 500 points and the index went down to 11,700 points.