The American warplanes are consistently bombing our northern areas. Innocent men, women and children are being killed. But President Bush is a man of great ethical values. He has been regularly paying us for the killings. He kills and he pays for the killings. What a superb ethics But what we do with the money which Washington pours into our pockets is a transcendental secret. Anyway, we must be grateful to the souls of the dead Northerners for their monetary assistance to us. It is not only in Pakistan that America is doing this business. Iraq and Afghanistan are its greater markets. Millions of innocent Iraqis are killed by the American bombers. As a compensation, America has poured billions of dollars into the Iraqi rulers' pockets. The rulers must be grateful to America for killing their compatriots. In search of Osama America has been bombing every nook and corner of Afghanistan. Since Osama has not allowed himself to be captured by the pursuers, the pursuers are extremely furious. To teach the fugitive a lesson, the bombers are indiscriminately killing innocent Afghani men, women and children. America has a very simple unwritten criminal law. It says: "If the citizen of some country kills an American and is not captured then America has a divine right to kill all the innocent citizens of the killer's country." America has been practising this law with full vigour and venom in Afghanistan. Washington firmly believes that it is not America which is killing innocent Afghanis. Actually, it is Osama who is killing them by proxy. America believes that if Osama is really sensitive about the lives of the innocent Afghanis, he must put himself into a sack and offer the sack to Bush. When Bush killed Saddam, he defended the killing by proclaiming that Saddam was a professional killer. To kill a professional killer is an act of supreme piety. Let's ask Bush: "What about the killings which are being inflicted upon the innocent Iraqis? Are not these killings being inflicted by professional killers?" Washington has been handsomely paying the Afghan government for killing the innocent Afghans. The government is lucky that so far America has not been able to capture Osama. The day Osama was captured that day would be the unluckiest day for the Afghan government. America would kick Afghanistan in the bottom and fly back home. The flow of dollars into Afghanistan would at once dry up. The government would be more miserable than the church mouse. In its heart of hearts, the Afghan government must be blessing Osama for being successfully on the run. President Bush is on his way out of the White House. The majority of the Americans have condemned his Middle Eastern nonsensicalities. But he is not a lame duck. In addition to killing millions of Iraqis and Afghanis he has lamed thousands of citizens of these unfortunate countries. The lamed citizens of these countries must be cursing Bush. They must be crying: "Why did he lame us? Why didn't he kill us? Death is a great relief. Pain is an unbearable ordeal." Bush has transmuted Iraq into a fossil. He must be dancing. However, there is still a moral obligation which he must fulfil before he leaves the White House. He must command his Air Force to carry the fossilised Iraq to America. When the fossil is in Washington, he should gift it to one of the American zoos. Bush's descendants would be proud of their great ancestor. And they would dance more wildly than Bush did when he destroyed Iraq. The world desperately needs genuine human beings. Once the affairs of the world are in the hands of genuine human beings, the world would be blessed with universal peace and prosperity. Pakistan's entire history is a history of political chaos. Political chaos breeds economic chaos. It breeds social chaos. It breeds cultural chaos. It breeds all sorts of Chaos's. By now we ought to have learnt to do without professional politicians. We must manufacture a few genuine human beings to be governed by them. If we can't then we must go down on our knees and sue God: "Please God We have had enough of politicians. We are miserable. Please pity us. Bless us with some genuine reformers."