Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that military action was solution to no problem; however, the government had to launch the operation under inevitable circumstances and he took this decision in consultation with consensus. Talking to media at the PM Secretariat, he said the increase in US presence in Afghanistan may cause the militants to enter Pakistan again, adding the borders will be strictly monitored to counter the menace. The Prime Minister said the terrorists present in Pakistan are being funded from abroad, and the elements in drug mafia are also supporting them. Gilani said the affected people of Swat would be given financial assistance to build their houses and the world community would be approached for the purpose. He said, Those who are fighting for the defence of country should be supported, adding he salutes the jawans of Pakistan army who are busy with operation in Swat. The PM said the army personnel are fighting for the nation to save their future and their sacrifices would not go in vain. Earlier, speaking at a ceremony here, he said the country is in safe hands. The media should project the real face of Islam to the world, adding he is against all bans on media and the government will put an end to all the Draconian Laws to give more freedom to the media. On this occasion, the PM distributed letters to the employees of the government television channel, who have been made permanent.