The security forces killed at least 13 extremists and recovered the caches of arms and ammunitions during operations in several parts of Dir, the security sources said Saturday. There are reports regarding clashes between the security forces and the extremists in various areas including Kalpani and Gul Derai, where ten extremists were killed. Meantime, the extremists abducted renowned religious scholar Qazi Habibur Rehman and killed in Zaimdara area of Maidan. The killed scholar belonged to Tehreek Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi. According to DCO, the curfew in tehsil Maidan and Adenzai will be relaxed 7am to 6pm. According to military sources, the forces have completely taken control of Kambar Bazaar area of Lower Dir and set various check posts there. According to the government sources, at least six extremists from areas of Buner, Daggar and Sultanwas. Also, the military completed its search operation in Mingora.