Facing tough time in collecting intelligence information from regions across the globe, the top US spy body CIA has said it would build up its foreign language capabilities, especially in Urdu, Persian, Chinese, Russian, Pushto and Arabic, under an "aggressive" 5-year plan. The plan not only includes imparting foreign language training to its officials, but also recruiting a new team of officials who are skilled in these languages; which would help CIA smoothly gather intelligence information from regions, where English is not majorly spoken but they are considered critical for America's security needs. Observing that deep expertise in foreign languages is fundamental to CIA's success, the agency's new Director, Leon E Panetta, announced "an aggressive plan to build the truly multilingual workforce" the CIA needs at this point of time. "To gather intelligence and understand a complex world, CIA must have more officers who read, speak, and understand foreign languages. Our national security demands nothing less," Panetta said on Friday. Under the plan, Panetta said CIA in the next five years would double the number of analysts and collectors who are proficient in languages, particularly those that are mission critical.