ACCORDING to the findings made by the enquiry tribunal, Punjab Prisons Minister Ch Abdul Ghafoor has been found guilty of misbehaving with Customs officials at the Lahore Airport. He was asked by the officials for inspection of the luggage that belonged to his friends, but instead he pulled rank and had the luggage forcibly taken out of the airport without scanning. This is what the report has found out. Broadly speaking, the incident itself is a sad reflection on the promised model of good governance in the Punjab. What rots the system the most is the VIP culture in the country. Those who hold important government positions generally tend to consider themselves above the law. However, the good thing is that with the media playing an important role in the nation building and not compromising on its job of digging out the truth, those having a tendency to commit wrongdoings have started to be reined in. One hopes Mian Shahbaz Sharif would take into consideration the tribunal's findings before taking any decision, expected today. An example set in this case can go a long way towards promoting the rule of law in the country.