ISLAMABAD - Despite the media reports pointing to an alarming rise in the local as well as foreign brothels, the authorities concerned have failed to pay any heed towards the mushrooming of these flesh centres at every nook and corner of the twin cities. TheNation on Friday observed that dozens of brothels, run by the locals as well as foreigners, were freely carrying out their heinous activities without being apprehended by the police. Besides the local ones, the nationals from Central Asian States including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzystan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, China and Philippines are running brothels in the posh areas across the twin cities. Cases have been reported when the police, as result of media reports published in TheNation, took action against the said brothels and forced them to wind up. However, after the passage of time, these brothels start mushrooming again while operating from different localities and venues. The local police are involved in the trade, first they launch crackdowns against the brothels and force them to wind up. Later, the matter is settled through heavy bribes and culprits are allowed to operate from some other venue once the dust is settled, TheNation learnt in this regard. The record of almost every police station operating under the jurisdiction of the twin cities shows that the residents of different localities have lodged complaints to the respective police stations against the presence of brothels in their areas. People lodge complaints against the brothels with the requests about their identity not to be disclosed and we cant take action unless there is a witness, police officials reported. Residents of E-11 reported that an infamous Chinese brothel operating in the area was closed after media reports had unveiled its presence. However, the same brothel has started functioning again after the lapse of about seven months. Likewise, another brothel in sector F-8 that was abolished by the police, is operational again in the same area, thus increasing the problems of people. In addition, TheNation learnt, a gang of flesh merchants headed by a Turkish lady that had gone in hide after it was nabbed and apprehended by the police, is operational again in the sector G-8, F-10 and Jinnah Super Market. Furthermore, another infamous flesh trader Jawad, who was running brothels in commercial market area and remained underground for some months, was also 'back in the saddle. The residents of the areas where these brothels are operating, have demanded of the higher-ups to eliminate this social curse once for all. It is pertinent to mention that the country witnesses an alarming twenty percent increase in the number of foreign brothels every year due to global human trafficking and smuggling.