ISLAMABAD - The government is eying on completing its military operation 'Rah-e-Raast within next three months by clearing most parts of Swat Valley from the militants but the displaced people of the area are thinking otherwise, fearing there stay in the makeshift camps and outside may be months longer than anticipated. Sources in the security circles as well as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) told TheNation in background interviews that the forces were struggling hard to clear Swat and nearby districts of Buner and Dir as soon as possible to let the people return to their homes in the insurgency-hit areas. A security official, privy to the developments, said, The government wants early completion of the military action against the militants to clear the way for civilian administration and law enforcement agencies to take control. He also said, The early completion of operation and reviving of the government writ could help return the displaced people to their respective areas. A source in the NWFP government said it is a big challenge for the government and relief agencies to cater to the needs of the approximately three million IDPs. He feared if the operation continued for a longer period, it could also have backlash from the militants accomplices in other parts. The displaced people are already annoyed over the lack of facilities in the relief camps set across the NWFP and it could further add to the woes of the government in the months ahead, he stated. Another government official, who is engaged in the relief activities, told TheNation on telephone that they had also been facing the problem of the IDPs, living off the camps, and providing them basic necessities was becoming harder for the government machinery. Sajid Khan, a displaced person from Swat living in the outskirt of the federal capital, informed that the government had publicly announced that the IDPs could live anywhere in the country and there was no restriction on them. However, he said that the situation on the ground reflected otherwise. A government relief official here told us that the administration in Islamabad has been directed by the concerned authorities to discourage IDPs arrival here, he complained. Some well-off families of Swat and political workers, who are established here, have started some efforts to help the displaced people on their own but officially there is no any visible help for them. Some over 1000 families have fled in their wearing dresses and have arrived in the suburbs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and living in rented houses as per their affordability, he narrated. Another IDP from Swat appealed to the government to relax curfew in the valley to provide an opportunity to the people stranded in the fighting zones to come out, as currently they are taking risks by fleeing from their areas but through difficult hilly areas. However, the IDPs living in the camps in NWFP and off the camps asked the government to give a deadline for the completion of the operation so that they could return to their respective areas. According to the arrangements and pace of operation, most of people suspect the possibility of early return to their homes. As there is a blackout for independent media and local journalists from Swat have no communication means, it is very difficult to ascertain the outcome of the operation, started a month ago, analysts commented.