ISLAMABAD (Online)- PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said neither presidential nor parliamentary system is in place in the country, stressing that the Constitution will have to be revived first of all. "We will have to make the Parliament powerful. The swords hanging over Parliament will have to be removed. Neither presidential nor parliamentary system is running in the country. First of all we have to restore the Constitution of the country," he said this while talking to a private TV channel on Friday. He said the countrys nuclear programme was guarantor of independence, sovereignty, survival and security of Pakistan. It was in safe and secure hands and it was facing no threat from any side, he added. Had Pakistan not been a nuclear power, two wars would have taken place so far with India, he said. No one could cast evil eyes on Pakistan after its going nuclear, he maintained. The whole nation would have to get united to fight against terrorism and extremism, he said. Following the reinstatement of judiciary only 20 per cent change had come in the country after February 18 general elections, he said ,adding, 80 per cent work was yet to be done. Had government pursued Charter of Democracy, it would have been much stronger today, he said. PML-N wanted to see democracy strong in the country, he added. "We will have to make the Parliament stronger to counter internal and external challenges facing the country. A stable democratic order was key to all problems of the country," he said. Announcing his support to All Parties Conference (APC) on Balochistan issue, he said the legitimate demands of Balochistan would have to be accepted. Peace would remain elusive in the province unless the culprits behind the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti were brought to justice, he added. "We will have to remove the sense of deprivation among people of Balochistan." "Time would run out if problems of Balochistan would not be addressed through political means," he warned. Nawab Akbar Bugti was a patriotic Pakistani, he said. The bids to destabilise the govt would have to be abandoned, he stressed. "We are extending unconditional support to govt due to prevailing situation of the country," he underlined. Supreme Court verdict was redressal of injustices done to us, he remarked. Future of the country was very bright, he added.