LAHORE - Sialkot Stallions defeated Lahore Lions by four wickets in the final of the RBS National twenty20 Cup at the Gaddafi Stadium here Friday. Sialkot Stallions lost early wicket in their chase of 150, but eventually made in the first ball of the last over. Earlier, Lahore Lions managed 150 for eight after their middle order crumbled to Sialkot Stallions' attack in the final here under lights. Nasir Jamshed and Imran Farhat gave a solid start to Lahore Lions which won the toss and elected to bat in the absence of rival team Sialkot Stallions captain Shoaib Malik. Imran Nazir was holding the responsibility for the former champions Stallions in their third final. The time Lions' openers were holding the crease it seemed that they would go well beyond 200 runs but in the middle Stallions applied brakes to their stride. Jamshed and Farhat made rapid but cautious progress towards the total of authority. Both the openers departed before scoring 54 for the first wicket. Jamshad made 17 and Farhat got 47 off 27 balls. After Jamshed, Farhat and Abdur Razzaq kept the wicket intact till the by the eighth over. But after playing just 12 balls Razzaq fell to Kamran Yousuf leaving the Lions in trouble at 89 for three. Once the opening pair was separated, Lions started to crumble after Farhat abd Razzaq, Umer Akmal too fell short of his crease to Mansoor Amjad making it 95 for four. At that point in time, Sohail Ahmed and Adnan Raza held the innings together with their cautious batting fulfilling the needs and 125 before Ahmed went back. Kamran Younis, Abdur Rehman and Mansoor Amjad nipped the Lions to a low total by taking quick wickets in succession.\\ SCOREBOARD LAHORE LIONS R B 4s 6s Nasir Jamshed c Amjad b Younis 17 15 2 0 Imran Farhat c Younis b Rehman 47 27 6 2 Abdul Razzaq c Daud b Younis 6 12 0 0 Umer Akmal st Ansar b Amjad 6 9 1 0 Sohail Ahmed c Daud b Amjad 14 20 1 0 Adnan Raza c Daud b Rehman 23 14 3 0 Jahangir Mirza not out 15 11 2 0 Shahbaz Butt run out (Nazir/Ansar) 0 3 0 0 Wahab Riaz c Rehman b Arif 5 9 0 0 Imran Ali not out 0 0 0 0 EXTRAS (b 1, lb 10, w 6) 17 TOTAL (8 wickets; 20 overs; 87 mins) 150 Did not bat: Mohammad Naved Fall of wickets1-54 (Nasir Jamshed, 4.6 ov), 2-78 (Imran Farhat, 8.3 ov), 3-85 (Abdul Razzaq, 9.3 ov), 4-95 (Umar Akmal, 11.4 ov), 5-127 (Sohail Ahmed, 15.4 ov), 6-128 (Adnan Raza, 16.1 ov), 7-128 (Shahbaz Butt, 16.4 ov), 8-146 (Wahab Riaz, 19.5 ov) BOWLING: Naved Arif 4-0-27-1 Kashif Daud 4-0-34-0 Kamran Younis 4-0-26-2 Abdur Rehman 4-1-21-2 Mansoor Amjad 3-0-21-2 Tahir Mughal 1-0-10-0 SIALKOT STALLIONS R B 4s 6s Imran Nazir lbw b Wahab Riaz 57 26 6 3 Kamran Younis c Imran Farhat b Abdul Razzaq 1 3 0 0 Tahir Mughal c Adnan Raza b Abdul Razzaq 0 1 0 0 Mansoor Amjad st Shahbaz Butt b Sohail Ahmed 14 21 1 0 Shahid Yousuf c Umar Akmal b Jahangir Mirza 22 29 1 0 Qaiser Abbas not out 47 31 5 1 Adeel Malik run out (Imran Ali/Shahbaz Butt) 3 3 0 0 Kashif Daud not out 0 1 0 0 EXTRAS: (lb 3, w 4) 7 TOTAL: (6 wickets; 19.1 overs) 151 Did not bat Shakeel Ansar, Abdur Rehman, Naved Arif Fall of wickets1-9 (Kamran Younis, 0.6 ov), 2-33 (Tahir Mughal, 2.4 ov), 3-69 (Imran Nazir, 7.1 ov), 4-81 (Mansoor Amjad, 10.2 ov), 5-127 (Shahid Yousuf, 16.3 ov), 6-147 (Adeel Malik, 18.5 ov) BOWLING: Abdul Razzaq 4-0-37-2-9.25 Mohammad Naved 2.1-0-32-0-14.76 Wahab Riaz 4-0-27-1-6.75 Sohail Ahmed 4-0-19-1-4.75 (3w) Imran Ali 4-0-25-0-6.25 Jahangir Mirza 1-0-8-1-8.00 Toss Lahore Lions, who chose to bat first Series Sialkot Stallions won the 2009 Royal Bank of Scotland Twenty-20 Cup Twenty20 debut Shahbaz Butt (Lahore Lions) Player of the match Imran Nazir (Sialkot Stallions) Umpires Nadeem Ghauri and Zameer Haider TV umpire Ahsan Raza Match referee Abdus Sami Reserve umpire Ghaffar Kazmi