WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama on Thursday urged Israel to freeze Jewish settlement expansion in occupied Arab territories, reiterating Washingtons support for establishing a Palestinian state. After meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the White House, Obama told reporters that Israel must meet obligations to halt Jewish settlements activities in the West Bank, and that Israel would recognize the two-state solution in its security interests. Obamas strong message to Israel came a day after the Netanyahu-led government in Israel dismissed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clintons call to freeze all Jewish settlement activities in the West Bank. President Obama also urged the Palestinian side to stop anti-Israel violence and incitement, which the Palestinians have committed to do under a 2003 Road map peace initiative. Im a strong believer in a two-state solution, said the president, adding that he was confident that the peace process could be moved forward if all the parties will meet the obligations that theyve committed to do. Obama said that he would not set an artificial timetable for the establishment of a Palestinian state. President Abbas has said he will not resume peace talks with the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu until it stops settlement activities and accept the two-state solution.AFP adds: Obama vowed an aggressive mediation effort, ahead of his visit to SArabia and Egypt next week, while Abbas pledged to live up to all previous peace agreements and warned time is of the essence for a two-state solution. Meanwhile, a UN mission will arrive in the Gaza Strip on Monday to gather information for its inquiry on Israels offensive there, the office of the UN human rights chief said. The mission plans to meet with all concerned parties, including NGOs and civil society organizations and groups, UN agencies, victims and witnesses of alleged violations and other persons who may provide information with regard to the facts under investigation, the office said in a statement on Friday. The week-long fact-finding mission headed by Richard Goldstone will enter Gaza from Egypt via the Rafah crossing, rather than via Israel, it added. Goldstones team also includes British law professor Christine Chinkin, retired Irish army colonel Desmond Travers and Pakistan supreme court advocate Hina Jilani.