NEW DELHI (Reuters/AFP) - The world must put pressure on Pakistan to restrict its nuclear capabilities, Indias Army Chief said on Friday, adding that reports of Pakistan stockpiling nuclear arsenal was a matter of serious concern. The New York Times last week reported US lawmakers were told in confidential briefings that Pakistan was rapidly adding to its nuclear capability, stoking fears in Congress about the diversion of US funds. Islamabad dismissed the report, saying Pakistan was determined to maintain a minimum nuclear deterrence as nuclear-armed rival India beefed up its conventional forces. I think the world community should put the kind of pressure which is required on Pakistan to cap the enhancement of their nuclear capability, General Deepak Kapoor told reporters. They require a certain minimum amount (nuclear capability), but ... Pakistans attempts to increase the number of its nuclear weapons is a matter of serious concern. Also on Friday Indias External Affairs Minister SM Krishna renewed calls for Pakistan to stop what he called militant activities directed at India from Pakistani soil. We would like to live in peace with Pakistan but it is very difficult for India to continue a dialogue until Islamabad takes steps to fight terror, Krishna told Indian television channel CNN-IBN. Krishna added the threat of extremism in Pakistan, whose military has launched a full-scale offensive against Taliban in the northwest of the country, was a matter of concern for India. India will be a partner in fighting the terror in Pakistan but unfortunately every time our efforts reach critical stage, suddenly a heinous crime is perpetuated from Pakistani soil on India. Our Monitoring Desk adds: according to a Doordarshan report, Indian Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor said, If the media reports are to be believed, I am told the number (of Pakistani nuclear weapons) is limited to 60, it is increasing. So definitely, that is matter for concern. The Indian Army Chief assured that India had its systems in place to take care of its security needs against the backdrop of developments taking place in Islamabad. Replying to a query if the jihadi groups in Kashmir were regrouping to fight against the security forces, Gen Kapoor claimed, You see, this kind of regrouping by jihadis will always continue to keep happening...I had said that this summer is going to be a testing time because we do expect them to try and enhance the level of infiltration to show that they can cause tremendous amount of damage and somehow reignite the movement in the valley. But that is something (that) we are determined to make sure doesnt happen. We have already taken few steps to ensure that infiltration levels are minimised. Those who are able to come through, we are able to tackle them, he added. External Affairs Minister Krishna said India was closely monitoring the situation, reports Doordarshan. We certainly are concerned about what is happening in our neighbourhood. We are closely monitoring the situation, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said in Bangalore on Thursday night.