LAHORE - Unprecedented security measures taken by police aiming at protecting important government buildings, following the Wednesdays deadliest suicide attack in City, have virtually turned some vicinities into 'no go areas for the general public especially the motorists, who are facing great hardships in reaching their destinations. Taliban threats of targeting more offices of the law enforcement agencies have necessitated these pre-emptive actions, but such steps have often proved hollow and ineffective when put to real test. Heavy contingent of police could be seen taking positions in and around all the important buildings especially the offices of the local police and the other law enforcement agencies. The roads, markets, plazas, and residential areas situated near the police and other important buildings are presenting a deserted look due to heavy security measures as the said localities have been blocked by the law enforcement agencies in the name of 'security. Extraordinary security measures were creating a lot of troubles for the motorists, general public besides traders and shopkeepers running their business around theses buildings. They have no direct access to reach their business centres due to deployment of a large number of armed personnel and installation of barriers on the roads. Each road leading to the police building has been blocked by setting up at least four to five barriers denying motorists to go ahead. For example, people residing or running business at Lawrence Road, Shahray Fatima Jinnah, Waris Road, The Mall near Punjab Assembly Hall are facing serious troubles due to these measures taken after the blast incident. According to details, the Lawrence Road originating from Regal Chowk side has been blocked by setting up five barricades separately from Regal Chowk to the Qadri Chowk signal. One barrier is placed at the Regal Chowk to block all kinds of traffic moving towards China Chowk, another barricade has been set up near the boundary wall of Masjid-e-Shuhda on Lawrence Road, while another one has been placed near a CNG Petrol Pump again on the Lawrence Road and a barrier has been installed near the Qadri Chowk to block traffic. Similarly, the motorists even motorcyclists coming from Mozang Chungi side are not allowed to use Shahray Fatima Jinnah to reach The Mall as the said road has been blocked by the city police by setting up seven barricades at different locations. A barricade is installed on the crossing near Waris Road and the traffic coming from Mozang is being diverted to the Waris Road that leads to Jail Road. Similarly, the policemen and traffic wardens deployed at the barriers set up at Sir Ganga Ram signal have strict directions from higher authorities to stop the motorists coming from Mozang Adda and Lawrence Road side. The traffic coming from China Chowk and leading towards The Mall, and Regal Chowk is being stopped at the barriers installed near Open Theatre of Jinnah Garden. Similarly, two other barricades have been installed on the Lawrence Road near Sensitive Agencys office and at Qadri Chowk Signal to block traffic. While the traffic coming from Governors House side and from Regal Chowk is not allowed to use Shahray Fatima Jinnah and is being stopped at the barriers installed at Punjab Assembly Hall Chowk. Exchange of hot words between the policemen and the motorists has become a routine matter at the barricades these days when the motorists tried to surpass these restriction to reach markets, residential areas situated near the blast site. All the roads leading to the Inspector General Police Punjab office have also been blocked from all sides through heavy deployment of policemen. The patrolling intensified by the police to keep an eye on the suspects also causing serious troubles for the motorists and general public.