The 16 point APC resolution to fight insurgency in Swat and surrounding areas is good news for the people of Pakistan who must heave a sigh of relief at the unity demonstrated by our politicians despite their differences on issues of national security and development. I support the APC communiqu without any ifs and buts to rid the country of the cancerous extremism that blights our land today. While our politicians have apparently come of age now they still have to see the whole picture because no problem including terrorism is an island in itself. My appeal to them would be for an urgent restoration of the constitution of 1973 as well as urge regional reconciliation to forge cordial relations with our immediate neighbors. Without national reconciliation based on the fundamental law of 1973 and without regional reconciliation leading to durable amity between Pakistan, China, Iran and India, the APC resolutions will remain largely ineffective and may even be impractical to implement. Pakistan at peace with itself and at peace with all it's neighbors is the only viable option available to us to assert our national independence and fight double standards of predatory powers who are addicted to flagrant interference in our domestic affairs. Any APC without addressing these core issues of constitutional settlement and peace in South Asia will remain illusory and counterproductive. The two issues mentioned above are the sine qua non for the existence and prosperity of the people of Pakistan. That our elite can get together to address these fundamental concerns make me believe that doomsday predictions about the future of my country may not be so true after all. -B.A. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 19.