ISLAMABAD - Security forces Friday cleared Peochar Village, another militant stronghold, and Bahrain killing 28 militants including six of their commanders in various areas of Swat during different incidents of exchange of fire and cordon and search operations. According to an update for last 24 hours, issued on Friday by ISPR on Operation Rah-e-Raast, seven others including two area commanders of the militants were apprehended while five security personnel and two civilians were also injured, in clashes with terrorists. The area commanders of terrorists killed were identified as Khush Mir Khan known as Abu Huzaifa of Bahrain, Kadir of Kumbar, Noor Hameed of Kokoi Banda, Aftab and Yousaf of Dubana, Iftikhar of Sharlara and Bakht Buland of Shagai. Security forces continued with cordon and search operation and successfully cleared the stronghold of miscreants including Mualana Fazlullah at Peochar village, the statement added. During the search and siege operation, the security forces also destroyed miscreants hideouts including a seminary and recovered 12 UN registered vehicles, earlier taken away by the terrorists. The security forces also discovered four tunnels dumped with ration items, snatched from NGOs, besides huge cache of arms including 12.7 mm Guns. A soldier was also wounded during the clashes with miscreants. Cordon and search operation is also continuing in Mingora where the security forces have successfully got cleared Aman Kot and Technical Institute College on Mingora-Kokarai Road. During the operation, five miscreants were apprehended. In Bahrain, where the security forces had entered on Thursday, sporadic clashes continued as a result of which nine miscreants were killed including commander of Bahrain identified as Khush Mir Khan, known as Abu Huzaifa. During fire exchanges with miscreants, two soldiers and two civilians were injured. The security forces also successfully defused five IEDs during the search operation around Daggar where exchange of fire also took place with the fanatics hiding in a compound, resultantly killing 13 miscreants. As far as the relief activities for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are concerned, 50 tons of rations by the Army for 70,000 people were dispatched for the distribution among the stranded people of Khawzakhela. A five-member Defence and Security Analysis team visited Buner for feasibility to establish relief camps in the area. The security forces also sent five truckloads of edibles for the people of Bahrain while eight trucks were distributed among a group of people from Kalam. Reuters/AFP/Online adds: The security forces on Friday claimed to have killed five militants in a fierce clash that took place in Qamber area of Lower Dir during the ongoing military operation against the fanatics in Malakand Division. According to the official sources, the operation against militants is going on in upper areas of Tehsil Kabal of Swat, while police have also arrested 39 suspected persons in relief camps in Mardan. According to media reports, the security forces killed five militants in a severe clash with militants in Qamber area of Lower Dir. Several hideouts and bunkers were also destroyed in the incident. The security forces pounded the suspected militants hideouts whole night, while check posts have been set up in Adenzai, Chakdara, Gulabad, Talash and other areas. On the other hand, the security forces arrested an Afghan in connection with assisting Taliban militants. According to Dir Media Centre, curfew was relaxed from 7 am to 6 pm in Tehsil Maidan and Adenzai. Sources said the security forces targeted hideouts of the militants in upper areas of Tehsil Kabal with artillery, while they were consolidating positions after securing Bahrain and established check posts in the locality. The district has been under curfew for 16th straight day. On the other hand, a policeman was also martyred when some unknown armed men opened indiscriminate firing on a police van in District Hangu. Meanwhile, military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas told state-run television that more than 1,200 militants had been killed and 42 captured since the conflict broke out after the militants moved south from Swat into Buner, a valley just 100 km from Islamabad. Abbas said 90 soldiers had been killed and 60 wounded. There were no independent casualty estimates available. Abbas foresaw the militants breaking cover as they ran out of ammunition and supplies. Once its done completely then well be able to overpower them, as theyll be strapped of ammunition and theyll come up, he said. In a bid to take the heat off retreating comrades in Swat, militants have carried out eight bomb attacks in towns and cities since late April, three on Thursday in NWFP, a day after 24 people were killed in a suicide gun and bomb attack in Lahore. The military had sealed off most routes into Swat, choking off supplies and reinforcements for the militants, and the offensive had already targeted the militants logistics bases. Abbas said militants were fleeing northward through the mountains into Kalam valley, where troops were being positioned to meet them. During the past 24 hours a cordon-and-search operation had finally cleared Peochar village of militants. Helicopters had dropped commandos into Peochar more than two weeks ago. Lying in a forested alpine valley, Peochar was one of the main bases for various militant groups that had used Swat as a halfway base between Pakistans borders with eastern Afghanistan and Kashmir. Commandos were this month flown into Peochar valley, a stronghold of Maulana Fazlullah who has led a Taliban uprising to enforce Sharia law in Swat, but it was not immediately clear how much of the area remained under militant control. The military statement also said troops had secured Bahrain town, in upper Swat, and killed nine militants, including their commander. The army says troops have almost secured Mingora, the main town in Swat with a population of 300,000 before most of the inhabitants fled. There were still clashes as troops searched buildings in and around Mingora. Militants ambushed a convoy ferrying rations to people who had stayed behind, and four soldiers were killed.