LAHORE - The Warid Gymkhana Golf League tournament for the month of May will be contested at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course on Saturday (today) and Sunday. Eligible to participate are professionals, amateurs, senior golfers (above 55 years of age), veteran golfers (above 70 years of age) and ladies. Weather pundits predict hot weather and yet the eager ones are not bothered by trying conditions and plan to compete with all the flair they are capable of and some of the adept ones promise to come up with scores of excellence. Those considered capable enough are Amer Mehmood, Azfar Hassan, Wazir Ali, Salman Jehangir, Shahid Khan and Danyaal in the single handicap category and the potentially sound ones in the handicap category 10-18 are Dr Khurram, Faisal Syed, Awais Lodhi, Dr Hameed and Faisal Feroze. Senior aspirants are certainly not cowed down by their age bracket and competition amongst their ranks is expected to be fierce. C.M Akhter is the type who takes his golf seriously and with regular practice sessions he always appears as a strong contender and to challenge his success oriented effort there will be Jehangir Aziz who promises to stick to the fairway rails, then there is Shafqat Rana with his perfect golfing outfit and smooth rhythmic swing,and not to be ignored is the long hitter Pervaiz Mir and the man who plays with will and heart Nazir Malik. Noticeable are the entries for the ladies competition and certainly Mehreen Raheel has something to prove while playing against of Nushmiya Sukheyra and Sameea Javed Ali. Professional section includes players like Matloob, Akram, Ghulam Nabi, Latif Masih and M Tahir. Under par rounds from them should be the order of the day. The greens are going to be fast and to their liking.