KARACHI - Former world champion Muhammad Yousuf made his exit from the NBP Ranking Snooker when he failed to carve out straight frames win in the crucial last match of the group league of Rs. 1,15,000 championship here on Friday. Yousuf needed to clinch the last contest by straight four frames without conceding any. Though he won the competition but he conceded a frame to his opponent Kamran Shah that resulted in his ouster from the competition in which he was given a place when a player withdrew from the event sponsored by NBP. The victory would have taken the former national Asian champion in the next pre quarter final. Yousuf won 61-15,100-12, 50-37, 25-68, 74-11. Other notable player who also failed to reach the next round was Imran Shahzad who lost 3-4 to Muhammad Afzal. The best of nine frame pre quarter final round of the competition begin on Saturday. Results. Third and Final league round. Khurram Agha (Sindh) beat Sultan Muhammad ( Sindh) 4-1(48-69,63-43,69-24,87-27,63-6), Muhammed Afzal) beat Imran Shahzad ( Punjab) 4-3(56-54,11-61,30-78,50-60,68-15,67-57,65-33). Agha Bilawal( Sindh) beat Inam Ur Rehman (NWFP) 4-3( 48-33,63-7,35-45,14-52,67-60,32-67,58-44), Rambail Gul (NWFP) walk over Muhammad Nazeer (Punjab), Sharjeel Mahmood(NWFP) beat Qasim Kamani(Sindh) 4-0( 66-28,67-53,98-42,82-61) Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab) beat Muhammad Jawed(Punjab) 4-2(46-37,8-61,58-29,39-62,52-32,75-32), Vishin Gir ( Sindh) beat Muhammad Asif (Punjab) 4-2( 65-33,21-73,24-38,81-8,103-13,100-29), Raees Khan(Punjab) beat Sohail Shehzad(Sindh) 4-1( 63-22,14-60,82-0,69-41,65-61), Naveen Perwani(Sindh) beat Asjad Iqbal(Punjab) 4-2(74-33,78-24,90-1,30-66,44-55,78-37). Muhammed Naeem( Punjab) beat Qadeer Butt (Punjab) 4-3(40-31,51-15,22-78,48-58,55-62,65-8,59-17), Muhammed Asif Toba beat Nauman Awan(NWFP) 4-1(75-44,65-70,63-13,59-32,48-35), Jawed Ansari(Sindh) beat Shahdab Baig(Sindh) 4-1(62-38,39-79,64-29,92-35,58-36), Kamran Razzak (Sindh) beat Naeem Jaffer (BAL) 4-1(42-54,49-36,69-38,46-36,73-14), Muhammad Yousuf(Sindh) beat Kamran Shah(Bal) 4-1( 61-15,100-12,50-37,25-68,74-11), Umair Alam(Sindh) beat Hamza Akbar(Punjab) 4-0(69-9,62-38,54-50,51-39), Saquib Butt(Sindh) beat Bahadur Baloch(Bal) 4-2(67-40,77-9,57-13,4-67,6-58,80-6).