ISLAMABAD - A nabbed accused here at Shahzad Town Police Station has deliberately mutilated his genital part during the custody of police. According to details, the Shahzad Towns police arrested an accused Darshid alias Arshad in a dacoity case and recovered a 30-bore pistol from his possession. The police shifted the accused to DSP Shahzad Towns office where the victims of the dacoity case were also present. They recognised Darshid as accused of the dacoity case. The relatives of Darshid were also present in the DSP office, where he obtained eraser from one of his relatives. Later on at the office of DSP the accused deliberately mutilated his genital part. The police have shifted the injured accused to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for medical treatment. Doctors have said that his condition is out of threat. Police registered another case against the accused.