LAHORE The Pakistan Cricket Boards appeal tribunal Saturday lifted the one-year ban on former captain Shoaib Malik and halved his fine money imposed by the inquiry committee that assessed the poor performance of the team during the Australia tour. Maliks lawyer told the media that the one-man tribunal partially accepted his clients appeal and that Maliks ban was lifted and his fine of Rs 2 million was halved. The decision was taken by Irfan Qadir, a retired judge, during a hearing in Lahore Saturday. Malik was banned for a year last March because of disciplinary issues following an inquiry into Pakistans catastrophic tour of Australia in 2009-10 where they lost all their matches. Malik was one of seven leading Pakistan players who were slapped with penalties by the PCB inquiry committee. Except former captain Muhammad Yousuf, who retired in protest, all six players appealed against the punishments. The appellate tribunal head heard the appeals of Younus Khan and Shoaib Malik against ban in the National Cricket Academy on Saturday. PCB advocate Talib Rizvi said that the cricket board had recommended to arbitrator Irfan Qadir to rescind the ban and he also agreed to halve the fine on the former Pakistan captain to one million rupees ($11,750). The PCB had watched Maliks attitude and conduct over the last three months and proposed that ban should be lifted, Rizvi told reporters after the hearing. The PCB initially imposed the suspension and fine for ill-discipline during Pakistans winless tour of Australia earlier this year. Both parties had a reasonable stand but its my decision (to lift the ban and reduce the fine), Qadir said. The selectors have already included Malik among 35 probables for next months Asia Cup and twin Test series against Australia and England. Malik is now free to be selected in any squad of Pakistan team but we want the players to follow discipline in future, Rizvi said. Meanwhile, Younus, who wanted the hearing of his appeal against an indefinite ban on him to be heard in the presence of media, was turned down by PCB-appointed judge after a heated argument with his lawyer. When Justice (retd) Irfan Qadir abruptly announced the removal of a one-year ban on former captain Shoaib Malik, Younus lawyer Ahmed Qayyum demanded that his clients hearing be conducted in front of journalists. Younus is in England and playing for Surrey in the county circuit. The judge told me that he would hold my hearing in camera and didnt allow the media representatives, Qayyum said. Before the hearings, I requested the judge to allow the media persons but I was told that this would was not possible as it was a confidential hearing. I also told that the judge wanted to give a ruling on Younus Khans ban immediately behind closed doors but I refused, Qayyum said. The lawyer explained that he would not accept any closed door decision as his client wanted his case to be heard publicly. Qayyum said Younus was adamant that there was no reason to ban him. I wanted to give a ruling on Younus Khans appeal but his lawyer said he wanted more time to talk to his client, Justice Irfan Qadir told the media. I want to wrap up these appeals because the board has made its stance clear to me now, he added. Qayyum said his client wanted the board to highlight the evidence on the basis of which he was banned. Now they are saying it is not a ban and the PCB chairman can include him (Younus) anytime in the team. But my client is adamant that he wants his case to be heard openly because he has done nothing wrong, Qayyum said. The hearing took an ugly turn when an argument ensued between Qayyum and Irfan Qadir over allowing the media into the hearings. Eventually Qadir warned Qayyum against behaving rudely and threatened to report him for misconduct to the Punjab Bar Council. PCB legal advisor Tafazzul Rizvi said that Qayyum was himself complicating Younus case. He has filed several applications which are not relevant and is not arguing about provision of relief to his client which is why the appeals judge cant reach a decision, Rizvi said. But Qayyum pointed out that Younus had requested the judge to give him interim relief from the ban but his request was not upheld. My client wants the truth to come out and wants the board to show the evidence on the basis of which they banned him, he said. Sources said that Qayyum had spoken to Younus and briefed him about the hearing and there were chances the former captain might go to the High Court. I asked the appeals judge to give me sometime to speak to Younus and to resume the hearing Saturday after two hours but this was rejected as well, Qayyum said. The appeals judge has set June 5 as the next date of hearing Younus appeal. The senior batsman is in the list of 35 probables announced for the Asia Cup and the tour to England.