LAHORE - The Punjab government has constituted a committee to conduct an inquiry into Fridays terrorist attacks at Bait-uz-Zikr Garhi Shahu and Bait-un-Noor 87-C Model Town. The committee, headed by the provincial secretary Health with additional secretary (IS) Home Department and DIG HQ as its members, will assess the role of provincial intelligence agencies with regard to sharing of information about the worship events at both the sites. It will also ascertain as to whether security deployment was in accordance with threats and prevailing security environment. It will fix the responsibility of the lapses and breach of security, which provided an opportunity to the terrorists to enter into the premises, and also analyse the response and performance of police to control the situation, with special focus on Quick Response Force. It will assess the response and performance of the police during the operation carried out to clear the premises and ascertain as to whether the same was carried out in professional and diligent manner so as to minimise the loss of lives. The committee will give specific recommendations for improving the working of law enforcers and furnish its report by June 4.