LAHORE - Jamaat-ud-Dawa while quoting the grievance of Hunza Lake affectees has said that government relief activities were quite inadequate to meet their basic needs. Leaders of Jamaat Saturday said the people of Ataabad, Karimabad, Nomal, Chilmas Das, Gilmat and Naisrabad said that they needed urgent and sufficient aid from the government and the philanthropists. Chairman Khidmat-e-Khalq, (Jamats unit for relief services) Hafiz Abdur Rauf and others giving details of the first hand knowledge they received during their visit to the affected areas said that they found affected people everywhere complaining against the government. They said with the passage of the time, the situation is becoming serious for the displaced people as in a shelterless state, they were exposed to multiple hazards. They said lands sliding had destroyed the crops and houses of around lake while the relief packages announced by the government were not available to the people as yet. They said miseries of affected people were increasing day by day and who were without the support of the government for the last four months. A meeting to estimate the needs of affected people and to provide them food and other facilities was also held at sight in which DHO Hunza, NGOs representatives besides other officials participated, he said, adding that on the advice of Amir Jamaat Hafiz Saeed relief activities has been started in the affected areas by the members of the Jamaat. He also appealed to the people for donation and contribution for the help of Hunza Lake affected people. TeacherS are builders of nation Acting Vice Chancellor Punjab University Prof Dr Jamil Anwar has said that teachers are builders of a nation because they play vital role in its prosperity and socio-economic development. He said this while addressing a seminar organised by IER, University of the Punjab on accreditation. He said the role of Institute of Education and Research is important in developing Pakistani nation that is linked with the role of teachers of IER. Successful deliverance of their duties will result in the country gaining new heights in future.