ISLAMABAD The strong auto manufacturers are likely to get support from Government to exploit the helpless consumers, as Government seems reluctant to change its policy regarding importation of second-hand cars in the coming budget for the next fiscal year, it is reliably learnt. According to sources, the Govt will not change its policy and will only ask the auto manufactures to increase the production. Due to this effort, the Govt believes that the problem of shortage will resolve and consumers will get cars on time and will not pay any extra amounts like own money as supply will increase and customers will get cars, sources further informed. With the ban imposed by the Govt to import second-hand cars, the local car industry is at liberty to monopolise and misuse its position and the consumers have no alternate options other than to purchase local vehicles at unaffordable rates. Besides charging higher prices from the customers, the dealer and manufactures are also taking extra amount in the form of own that ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. The Govt has given a free hand to the auto manufacturers and dealers to exploit the consumers by setting the car prices at their own sweet will. Due to demands of customers and economic experts, the Govt early was seriously mulling to allow the import of second-hand cars used up to five years in the country to eliminate the monopoly of local manufactures. However the Govt is unlikely to do so. Under the existing Auto Policy, only three years used cars could be imported in the country. Sources were of the view that auto manufacturers in their budget proposals had convinced the Govt that they enhanced the prices only because of increase in cost of production and rupee depreciation. In their proposals, they also assured to increase their production in future and emphasised the Govt not to change policy as this would destroy the local industry and render thousands of people unemployed. Independent economists believed that auto manufactures were one of the strongest mafia in the country and it was difficult for the Govt to go against them and it would happen again in the coming budget for next financial year.