KARAK The Chief Meteorologist of the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) along with his driver was set free here on Saturday by the kidnappers after four days. The OGDCL and police sources informed that the unknown kidnappers left Rahmatullah Khattak and his driver Khushabuddin in a deserted area near the Alwargi camp and asked them to go. The sources added that after few hours travelling on foot they reached the camp and later on the OGDCL authorities informed the police about their return. The sources said that Rahmatullah Khattak told the OGDCL authorities and police that on Tuesday evening when he was returning from Mela 3 of OGDCL situated at Shakarddar to Kohat, some unknown persons intercepted them near the Indus highway in Krappa area of Karak district and they were taken blindfolded towards Karak to some unknown location. The sources said that the OGDCL officer further informed that after about half an hour drive in a car they were turned to right from highway and were kept in a darkroom and next morning they were shifted to another place but they were unable to point out the exact place where they had been kept for four days. On Saturday morning they were left in a deserted area and they reached to OGDCL Alwargi camp after few hours walk. The sources said that one day before their release, an audio cassette had also been recorded from the OGDCL officer and he was forced to state in the cassette that he was in Waziristan Agency and they were hearing the sound of heavy bombardment in the area. It was informed that the police had got some clue about his presence somewhere in the area of Wardak, Peer Mela and other hilly areas and the police made repeated raids in the areas to build up pressure on the kidnappers resultantly they were set freed. Rahmatullah Khattak was brought first to his native town Shaheedan Chountra of Karak district and later he was taken to Kohat and the relatives of the kidnapped officer claimed that they had not paid any ransom amount to the kidnappers for their release. The OGDCL sources said that the official vehicle had not been recovered, so far, and added that the company had already lodged a case of the missing of Rahmatullah Khattak along with his driver and the official vehicle at Shakardarra police station. The sources informed that the incidents of the kidnapping of the OGDCL authorities had also been occurred in past in the areas and the company had issued strict instructions to the officers to keep their schedule plan highly secret and ensure the presence of the security guards during their visits to avoid such unpleasant incidents in future.