ISLAMABAD (APP) - Minister for Interior Rehman Malik has said that Pakistan is always committed to coordinate with other countries of the region for the common cause of annihilating menace of terrorism. He expressed his views while talking to media here in the aftermath of Lahore terrorist attacks. Responding to a question regarding the statement of Commissioner Lahore accusing Indian RAWs involvement in the bloody episode, the Minister said He may have some evidences and on the basis of it he was saying so but I cannot name anybody in such a case before I have solid evidences. And still proper investigation of evidences will be needed if there is any, indicating involvement of foreign hand in Lahore incident, he added. He said that they cannot afford to wait and watch innocent people dying in such a brutal way. Discouraging the blame game, the Minister said cooperation among regional countries can be the best and wise response to terrorists. The world community must appreciate Pakistans significant sacrifices with sharing of intelligence and other resources as it has been leading the war on terror with an unshakable determination. We are the victims of terrorism and the world has seen our aggressive and committed offensive against terrorists in Swat and FATA, the Minister added.