MULTAN - The Punjab Minister for Agriculture Malik Ahmad Ali Aulakh has lashed out at Indus River System Authority (IRSA), saying the authority was acting upon a vicious policy to turn Punjab barren. Talking to the journalists here, the other day, the minister said that IRSA committed gross violation of 1991 agreement in distribution of water, as a result of which, Multan was turning into a desert. He feared that Punjab might fail to achieve the target of one million bales as it was denied water from CJ link canal. He pointed out that Multan, Khanewal, Lodhran and Vehari districts of cotton belt were worst hit by water shortage and it could cause a serious decline in cotton production. He pointed out that alteration in the structure of IRSA by dictator Pervez Musharraf created rift among provinces. He stressed the need for re-structuring of IRSA and making it a technical body. He said that non-cooperative and poor policies of federal government as well as its departments have caused serious losses to the agriculture sector in Punjab and it is on verge of destruction. He said that the authority to check the quality, availability and prices of seed, pesticide and fertilizers was in the hand of federal government as a result of which provincial administration was facing severe difficulties. He hoped that the agricultural problems would get resolved after shifting of powers to the provinces under 18th amendment. He said that the Punjab government put special emphasis on research and international trade marketing to uplift agriculture sector. He again criticised the rulers and said that he was kept in dark on important decisions regarding agriculture sector. He regretted that the seed act, which was sent to federal government two years back, was not approved as yet He declared federal agricultural officers responsible for decline of agriculture sector. Ive informed prime minister about the situation through a letter. Ive asked him to consult Punjab before making agricultural policies, he added. Meanwhile, addressing a meeting of cotton crop management group, he said that the government had fixed cotton sowing target at over 6.1 million acres of land out of which, 5.3 million acres were cultivated. He said; Though 86 percent of total sowing target had been achieved, the cotton sowing in Bahawalpur, Rahimyar Khan, Muzaffargarh, Bahawalnagar and Rajanpur declined.