LAHORE - 'Appointment of Dr Rukhsana David is a classic example of a vertical rise of a lecturer appointed on contract in 2004 in KCs Fine Arts Department, did her PhD 'History of Fine Arts from Lahore College for Women University in December last year, and was promoted as senior lecturer by Dr Dean against whom she led protests as well. This year, she replaced 'made-to-resign Registrar Dr Naima Khurshid on Acting basis now Dr David wears two Acting caps of Registrar and Principal. Hence, she does not even meet the bare minimum criterion of becoming Registrar. This February, she was made member of the KC Association and was also nominated for the BoG membership for the first time, which is yet to be notified. Questions yet to be answered are: What does qualify her to be the Registrar or Principal? Perhaps, a new tradition is in the making for KC that there is no tradition.