BOSTON (AFP) A US judge has ordered the deportation of a Pakistani man arrested in Massachusetts two weeks ago during the probe into the botched Times Square bombing in New York City. Judge Robin Feder of Bostons Immigration Court made the ruling Thursday to order Aftab Ali Khan deported to his native Pakistan, Department of Justice spokeswoman Kathryn Mattingly said. Khan, 27, was among three men arrested in a Boston suburb on May 13 on immigration charges. They are suspected of having funnelled money to the bomb plots prime suspect, Faisal Shahzad. Federal authorities say Khan had Shahzads first name stored in his cellphone and written on an envelope in the apartment he shared with two other Pakistani men. But Khan told officials he had never heard of Shahzad before his arrest. Mattingly did not say Friday when Khan would leave the United States. He is held at the Suffolk County House of Correction. The Pakistani national has lived in the United States for eight months and was working at a local gas station.