LAHORE - Three IT professionals from Lahore, launched a social networking website www.eman for Muslims all over the world as an alternative to Facebook which was blocked by LHC orders in response to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day contest which was considered 'blasphemous and PTA had already blocked the controversial web page until May 31st. A press release on Saturday stated that the site www.eman is a site focusing on Muslims all over the world to interact with real time chat, pictures, videos, grouping, creating profiles, adding friends and commenting facilities and which are very similar to those offered by the original portal. New features and applications are under development and would be added soon, the release said. There were around 2,349,620 Facebook users in Pakistan and now Eman is an Arabic name which means Faith, focusing on Muslims worldwide. The release said that till now there are around 5,400 members worldwide, predominately from Pakistan, Canada, USA, UK and the Arab world.