LAHORE - Why the terrorists targeted two leading worship places of Ahmadis here in the heart of the Punjab amidst Friday prayers by carrying out brazen, well-organised and synchronized attacks? One answer is the totemic importance of Ahmadis in this country, as they are considered a well-to-do, highly qualified and worldwide well-connected minority, serving on top slots in different departments in Pakistan. As well as being two leading worship places of Ahmadis in Pakistan, Baitul Zikr Garhi Shahu and Model Town, where they attended religious gatherings in a great number, the sites are also situated in the heart of Lahore - Model Town, a posh residential locality and Garhi Shahu - an area near Mall Road, Citys leading artery where Governors House, CM Secretariat and other several government installations are located. Attacking Ahmadis worship places achieves two things in this regard; being an important community in Pakistan it attracts a lot of media coverage worldwide and bad name to Pakistan and secondly it creates the impression (rightly or wrongly) that the terrorists are everywhere, ready and willing to attack despite the successful military offensive in Swat and South Waziristan and arrests and killings of their leadership has broken their back. The attack came days after the reports that top Taliban commander Maulana Fazal Ullah was killed during gunfight in Afghanistan, a sever set back to the Taliban already on the run in FATA and border areas, as Pakistans armed forces have stepped up offensive to flush out militants from its soil. Another explanation is said to be publicity. The terrorists have become highly skilled in the dark-arts of propaganda; so much so that international media leave no stone unturned to defame Pakistan. For example, the leading American newspaper The New York Times published the incident as lead story with the headline, Sectarian Attacks Hit Two Pakistani Mosques. Apparently, it was an attempt to misguide its worldwide readers by converting the terrorist attack into sectarian violence. In fact, the desperate terrorists are targeting the security agencies, innocent people, minorities, and even schoolchildren across Pakistan, irrespective of their religious connection and casts, as they are real enemies of this country. Defense pundits believe that the attacks on Ahmadis worship places were identical to militants strikes carried out in the past including on the FIA building, Manawan police training center, Elite force Headquarters Badian Road and Navy War College in Lahore. This was the first major attack on Ahmadis since Pakistan launched successful military operation against the terrorists, who are on the run, otherwise. Ironically at a time when Pakistans armed forces are tightening their screw against the militants the enemies of this country particularly New Delhi has launched proxy war in Afghanistan to destabilise Islamabad by feeding cash, ammunition and other support to terrorists groups fighting against NATO and Pakistan Army. At this crucial time, the political leadership should come forward to tell the truth to the world and expose Indian designs against Pakistan while the Obama Administration should reconsider its double standard approach towards South Asia and avoid preferring New Delhi over Islamabad, a trusted ally of the Americans.