ISLAMABAD Ambassador of Republic of South Korea, Shin Un, on Saturday called on President PML-Q (Likeminded) Salim Saifullah Khan who is also Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. The Ambassador said that world should do more for Pakistan and conveyed appreciation of the South Korea to the Pak Army and the nation the way they had taken on the militants. He said that Pakistan was front line state against war on terror. He also assured support of South Korea to Pakistan in every field. Salim Saifullah said on the occasion that Pakistans economy had suffered $46 billion due to war on terror, which resulted into unemployment and price hike while foreign investment had also decreased up to 45 percent. He appreciated South Korea for helping Pakistan at a time of crisis and urged the Ambassador to play his role in giving opportunities to Pakistani manpower in South Korea. He also condemned sinking of South Korean Navy Ship by North Korean torpedoes in which more than 46 sailors were killed, and termed it as total aggression on the part of North Korea. Saifullah said that there were great opportunities for economic cooperation between the two countries, which could be exploited to mutual benefit. He said that there was great potential for enhancing mutual cooperation in all fields. Shin Un assured his full cooperation in exploring and developing alternate sources of energy by transferring the technology and providing technical assistance.