The next budget will be announced in June 2014. Reportedly, budget proposals from various pressure groups like the Chamber of Commerce, stock exchanges and eminent business forums has been sought. As usual, no proposal has been sought from the fixed income groups. These are the only people who pay regular taxes and they are the ones most affected by the price hike every year. Traders and the business community is the least concerned with inflationary trends since they adjust their profits accordingly. The fixed income class is always the one that is hard pressed.

In this era of economic upheaval and distress, most of them find it difficult to make ends meet. If this really is a people-friendly government as the finance minister claims, then he is requested that the salaried and pension of serving and retired government servants should also be enhanced in the next budget, keeping in view present and future inflationary trends. The government has failed to increase any salaries, especially for private companies, and their own retired people, as is evident by frequent requests from the public in newspapers daily.


Lahore, May 16.