Pakistan is known as an agricultural country, although it has many other natural resources. The farmers are not helped by the state at all. They need fertilizer for the fields and it is generally imported. Immense preference is given by the government to imported fertilizer, burdening our foreign reserves as well as the farmers. This is an expensive item and not affordable by most. There are many fertilizer plants in Pakistan which can produce much cheaper fertilizers for our local consumption. If the government starts to support local fertilizer producers, Pakistan can become a fertilizer producing country and can export this white gold which can contribute to our foreign exchange.

It is shocking that our political elite, the majority of which comes from land-owners, does not pay any attention to these requirements. This is a win-win situation, because instead of paying foreign exchange, we can earn it. The government should focus on this issue as an opportunity that can be beneficial for everyone.


Karachi, May 27.