ISLAMABAD - The cost of running the Prime Minister Office is expected to jump by more than Rs138 million as the government has estimated the expenditure of the office at Rs893 million in 2014-15 fiscal year.
While financial allocation for most of the ministries/divisions in the upcoming fiscal year has been slashed by financial managers, the PM Office seems to be sole government entity that would be witnessing surge in budgetary allocations, official documents reveal.
In fiscal year 2013-14, allocation for PM Office stood at Rs754 million, almost 138 million less than the total budget set aside for the upcoming financial year.
The Climate Change Division seems to be the worst affected office in terms of meagre allocation as the government under National Development Programme (NDP) 2014-15 has set aside just Rs15 million for it compared to its last year's Rs58 million.
Ministry of Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education has also to bear the brunt of budget slash as it is expected to receive Rs3.4 billion compared to Rs5.2 billion allocated during outgoing fiscal. It is followed by Housing and Works Division which will get Rs1.9 million during next year compared to Rs3.7 billion in the outgoing year.
Similarly, budgetary allocations for ministries including Science and Technology, Law, Justice and Human Rights, Industries and Productions, Cabinet Division, Information and Broadcasting, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and Nuclear Regulatory Authority has been slashed by more than 100 percent to 200 percent.