A Pakistani born, American based, cardiac surgeon was killed after returning from a graveyard. The doctor had arrived in Pakistan a few days back to do some voluntary work at his hospital, Jamat Ahmadiya Tahir Heart Institute, which he had established a few years back to serve the people of Pakistan, and what did he get in return? A brilliant mind and surgeon killed, because he belonged to a sect which certain people hate? Which sect of Islam teaches hatred? The Quran and Hadith I read does not preach hatred for anyone. Where is this poison, which is affecting a large portion of our society, coming from?

Religious and sectarian prejudices have paralyzed our society and we don’t deserve to be called a nation, but instead, a senseless crowd. Diatribe against any sect should be stopped instantly. Why don’t we realize that we should not tolerate hatred or spread it? People are revered for their services in other countries but unfortunately they are killed in our country, by gun-toting, turbaned people who do not give back to the society or bring anything good to it. It is time we raised our voice against such heinous and ferocious acts against humanity and stop being silent spectators.


Islamabad, May 27.