As there are no checks and balances in our society, anyone can do whatever they feel like, but when it is an educational institute, your faith in humanity is shattered. I recently enrolled in a private university in Karachi. This university directed us to bring in a sponsorship of Rs 50,000 (each) for a fashion show and job fair, and they also asked us to arrange a professional trainer or speaker for a workshop, for which the payment will be made from the students’ pocket. So now the students are responsible to bring in sponsorships as well as professional trainers and pay heavy fee to the university, while all they do is arrange fashion shows, which is pure entertainment and has nothing to do with our development. The university should be organizing productive workshops and training activities such as time management, skill development, career consultations, etc. which are really going to help us in our careers. If they want to organize such events, then it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the student’s to bring in sponsorships. I would like to request the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to visit and review their system and management.


Karachi, May 27.