LAHORE - Major General Naeem Baloch emerged as the “master handler” of the Afghan intelligence service operatives in Balochistan with Maj General Momin as his key lieutenant to advance subversion in the volatile province, security agencies sources told The Nation yesterday.

Six operatives of Afghan intelligence agency National Directorate of Security (NDS) including a serving army lieutenant had been captured by country’s premier security service Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in different catch operations in Balochistan.

In a press conference addressed by Balochistan Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti five days back, confessional video statements of the six had also been aired in which the captured admitted getting instructions from two serving major generals of Afghan Army and a retired major general, Sayed Mallok.

More members of the General Naeem Baloch’s spy ring were caught in fresh operations by the ISI. The new catch includes only NDS agents of Afghan origin though none of them is of officer’s rank.

Sleeper units connected with the fresh bust are likely to be neutralised soon, said the security agencies sources.

The NDS agents used Afghan refugee camps and vicinities as cover to advance their subversive operations on Pakistani soil. They were coordinating with operatives of Indian intelligence service RAW in operations aimed at destroying the projects connected with CPEC, added the security agencies sources.

The first base of anti-Pakistan operations is Helmand province while a forward base is neighbouring Kandahar province of Afghanistan according to the disclosures of the captured, they added.

Major General Naeem Baloch, the longest serving NDS officer, emerged as the head of the “offensive intelligence operations” in Balochistan. He continued the operations even when he was made governor of Helmand province.

The key handler of operations from forward base of Kandahar is Major General Abdul Raziq Achakzai, the police chief of the province, who served in the NDS as regional commander.

Major General Momin, who was also a regional commander of the Afghan intelligence service, emerged as the key lieutenant of General Naeem Baloch.

General Mallok, who commanded 215th Maiwand Corps in Helmand province, had the task to train the NDS agents to launch subversion including bombings, assassinations and targeted kidnappings, according to the disclosures of the Afghan agents.

General Baloch and his key lieutenant General Momin trained the NDS agents for launching spying operations including surveillance of the targets, monitoring security forces movements, dodging counter-surveillance, propaganda operations, using technical gadgetry, making contacts with insurgents and local agents and cultivating new agents both of local and Afghan origin.

The master handler General Baloch headed the NDS as its regional chief in Helmand, Nimruz and Ghor provinces from 2002 to 2009. He remained deputy director of Afghan intelligence at its directorate from 2009 to 2011.

He also worked as chairman of board of high public function for NDS from 2011 to 2012 before his appointment as Helmand governor, according to the security agencies sources.

In ISI trail of the Afghan intelligence service’s subversive operations on Pakistani soil this year, two officers of the NDS and more than two dozen - mostly of Afghan origin and few local agents - had been captured from Balochistan.

The six operatives of the NDS captured few days back in their confessional video statements said that Rs80,000 were paid by the Afghan intelligence per bombing and Rs250,000 per target killing. Training, logistic support and weapons were also provided by the NDS.

This was the second biggest catch of the ISI after Commander Kulbushan Yadav, the top spy of Indian RAW handling Balochistan and Karachi operations with special focus on CPEC. RAW spy had also the assistance of the NDS Kandahar station.