LAHORE - / has directed the Cabinet Committee on Price Control to hold crackdown on the hoarders and the profiteers of the eatables and ensure that items of daily use, fruit and vegetables reach the people at fixed low price and without any interruption and shortage.

He further said that effective steps would continue to ensure stability in prices of essential items in Sustay Ramadan Bazaars as well as in other marketplaces. The chief minister said that it is the responsibility of concerned departments and the administration to ensure prompt supply of essential items in Sasta Ramadan Bazaars and other markets on fixed rates. Therefore, concerned departments and the administration should proactively work to provide genuine relief to the people.

Issuing directions for indiscrimination action against the elements selling essential items, fruits and vegetables on exorbitant rates, the chief minister said that the interest of the people is very dear to him. He observed that the elements looting the people in the name of profit do not deserve any leniency.

He further said that he will not allow the cabal of illegal profiteers and hoarders to exploit the people and added that increase in the prices of essential items, fruits and vegetables will not be allowed at any cost. He said that Punjab government for the first time in the history has given historic Ramazan Package worth Rs 9 billion to provide relief to the people.

A subsidy of Rs 8.78 billion has been given for the provision of subsidised flour, he added. Every penny of Ramazan Package should benefit the people and public representatives, administration as well as price control committees should continue to play their effective role so that the people could fully benefit from the historic Ramazan Package, concluded the chief minister.