CHINIOT-The Environment Protection Department (EPD) has taken note of the faulty generators installed outside the bank branches here for playing havoc with the health of passers-by and the nearby shopkeepers.

Earlier, they had demanded that the government take serious action over the increased number of generators installed outside the bank premises as they emit toxic gases which affect the pedestrians and neighbouring shopkeepers.

There are more than 20 bank branches operating in Chiniot city and all have installed some 25-50kv generators to provide cool environment to their customers but the toxic gases and noise emitted from these have been harming the human health.

On various public complaints, the Environment Protection Department has taken note and started issuing summons to the bankers regarding the harmful effects of these generators.

It inspected various sites and observed that the generators are causing a pungent smell of diesel prevailed in and around the generators and black smoke and soot are generated.

The department team also observed spillage and leakage of lubricants, diesel on the floor of generators which may cause accident and fire.

Environment Department Inspector Malik Imtiaz inspected the 60kv generator installed outside the Bank of Punjab branch at Kutchehry Road which is a congested residential and commercial area. He said it caused adverse environmental effects due to its smoke, noise and illicit parking of the bank customers’ vehicles.

He said that the noise level noted was more than the maximum limit. He recommended legal action against the bank management according to Punjab Environment Protection Act. 1997.

Bank Manager Khalid Pervez contended that the generator is of good quality and the manufacturer has claimed that there is no pollution emitted from it. However, the bank will call the manufacturer to remove the fault in the generator. He said that there is no possibility of the bank functioning without generator in summer and loadshedding.

Farhat Abbas Kamoka, the assistant director environment, claimed that show cause notices have been sent to the banks which are damaging and polluting environment.